Friday 15 September 2017

Working the glow factor – why you should use a lightbox at your next event!

If you’re anything like our team here at Guardian Exhibition & Display, you’ll have nurtured a lifelong, secret desire to see your name up in lights.

Now you can make that secret dream come true for your brand, by incorporating a LED lightbox at your next exhibition!

Vanity aside, if you’re looking for the best ways to beat the competition and attract more visitors to your stand, clever use of lighting is a fantastic solution that always enthrals.  Just ask any artist or photographer.

Yes, we know your chosen venue will have its own lighting – we don’t hear of many events that take place in a dark underground cave, after all – but given the amount of enquiries we’re starting to receive about our amazing lightboxes, it seems people are catching on to the fact that bespoke lighting makes a huge difference when it comes to attracting attention.

Illuminated advertising is an essential attraction element that many high-end High Street stores have been effectively using for years – next time you’re strolling along London’s Oxford Street, why not check for yourself? – so why share the spotlight with your competitors, when you could generate your very own?

Allow us to shed some more light on the subject for you!

Lightboxes attract attention

We can’t help being hardwired to notice bright, colourful things over dull, bland ones.  It goes to follow, then, that a winning combination of colour and light is guaranteed to attract more visitors than a stand relying on colour alone.

This is a theory that is ably backed by market research, which consistently shows that illuminated advertising drives more attention, enquiries – and ultimately, sales – to a brand than non-lit advertising of the same type.

Your brand will appear more vibrant than ever before!

High resolution graphics are created from tension fabric panels, and then illuminated with bright LED lighting that distributes even levels of light across the graphic surface. 

Event visitors will have no choice but to look, without even thinking about it – meaning that from the moment they enter the exhibition hall, you’ll be leaving your competitors in the dark.

You can use lighting in whichever way works best for your brand

Use a floor standing lightbox for all-over illumination, or integrate lighting as a bespoke part of larger stands to highlight particular messages, images or branding elements. 

Enjoy the opportunity to get really creative here – why not brainstorm your ideal stand components, and see where you could throw some extra light to captivate your visitors!

We offer a complete range of lighting options for your stand, so whatever method you choose, and whatever option you decide upon, our friendly and knowledgeable team can bring it all to life.

We also know very well that the best way to explain more about lightboxes and bespoke lighting options is to show you! 

So why not head on over to our website to view some examples of our work and learn how to see your brand in the very best light possible – or better still, arrange a free demonstration to view all the potential of bespoke lighting right up close?  We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Interested?  Simply contact our team (here) to get started.

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