Monday 22 September 2014

Making a Meal of It

The Square Meal show has become somewhat of an annual tradition for Guardian Display in recent years. The venue & events show at Old Billingsgate plays host to an all-star cast of some of the biggest players in the industry, and once again the G Display A-Team were on hand to dish out a feast of exhibition stands . Long-standing clients The IET and Searcy’s: The Gherkin were joined this year by Searcy’s: 30 Euston Square and Middle Temple Hall for what turned out to be a busy and exciting event. 

The highlight of the show was undoubtedly The IET’s Versaform Build structure, which featured a colossal 75” television screen that delivered the focal point for their marketing campaign. The main promotion point of the stand was The IET’s thirty-million pound refurbishment of the famous Savoy Place, and their integrated television gave them an impactful tool to launch their brand-new corporate video. The video gave visitors a detailed CGI fly-through of the new building, which helped to build anticipation and interest in what is surely going to be one of the most exclusive venues in the country. 

The IET reused 90% of the framework they already owned, and thus dramatically reduced their costs for this show. After investing into new graphics, Flux furniture, bespoke beams and other services, they spent just £15,000 and received a three and a half metre build that covered a 7x2m space. The stand was a huge success, and due to the IET’s investment into Versaform Build, they can spend their budget on polishing their sales strategies and refreshing their campaign each year, rather than wasting thousands on renting MDF walls and the extortionate labour costs associated with stand contractors.

Searcy’s: The Gherkin were also back at Square Meal reusing their framework and graphics, combining the Versaform Flex and Shell Clad displays that they already owned. The company’s previous successes lead to another Searcy’s company, 30 Euston Square investing into an identical system complete with TV screen, table attachment and brochure rack. If it isn’t broken, then why try and fix it? Not only does this give Searcy’s brand consistency at the show, the vibrant graphics and different colour schemes help to highlight the distinct benefits of each venue, whilst also providing them with an excellent combination of unity and individuality.
Finally, Middle Temple Hall completed the Versaform-themed show with a four-module Versaform Flex. Their simple, but eloquently designed graphics boasted the venue’s rich history and tradition, whilst the system provides them with complete functionality and flexibility so that they can use the stand at a variety of future events. The framework was delivered in a counter-conversion case complete with wooden table top to match the theme of the design, and a graphic wrap so that there was no need for any type of storage space. 

Square Meal was once again a huge success for all involved, and the Guardian Display team are proud to consistently deliver high-quality products and services to anyone attending the show. We hope to be back again next year with even more venues getting the most out of their exhibition displays. To find out how we can help your company at Square Meal or any other show that you’re attending, you can get in touch via email at or call us on 01702 662111.
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