Friday 14 December 2012

The Power of Testimonials


Many people these days have reams and reams of written testimonials on their websites, I always wonder whether the author of the testimonials have actually written the words or if they are enhanced by the company themselves.

I believe that testimonials are important though, they give you a level of pedigree and show that the work you have completed in the past the client was happy with. This then builds a level of trust with any new prospective clients that they are safe in your hands.

Along with our reams!! of good written testimonials we decided to see if we could get some of these clients on camera talking about how happy they were with the quality of our work along with our great service.

The beauty of a video testimonial is there is no doubt the person in question actually made the statements about your business, as they are there on screen for all to see.

We recently did a few stands at the Square Meal show in London, so we took a camera to the day of the show to see if we could grab our clients on camera expressing how happy they were with the stands we produced.

Below is an example of how pleased One of our clients was with their stand...