Tuesday 29 November 2016

5 reasons why you should go modular

Below is a list of 5 reasons why you should choose to go modular –

Zero Wastage
All of our custom modular stand solutions are 100% completely re-usable. This makes modular stands very green and great for the environment. After recently building a stand our client asked us what materials she needed to put on her wastage breakdown form, we replied with "Zero".

Our range of custom modular exhibition systems can be shaped and re-shaped so they fit into any stand space you book.

Gone are the days where modular equals boring square shapes, with our custom modular solution we can create beautiful eye catching curves, that will fool anyone into thinking that your stand is in fact a purpose built stand.

All our custom modular solutions are re-useable and without requiring you to purchase any new graphics. This makes the on-going costs really stack up against you old school purpose built MDF solutions.

We pre-build all our custom modular exhibition stand solutions at our show room in Leigh On Sea. This gives all our clients complete piece of mind before show day that their stand will be 100% ready on time. Seeing your stand in its full glory before show day, also allows for some pre-show marketing, showing visitors what they can expect to see, when they visit your stand.

If you would like more information on how our custom modular exhibition system can help your exhibition campaign, then please either visit our website - www.gdisplay.co.uk or call us on 01702 662111

Friday 28 October 2016

British Antarctic Survey unveil their new Versaform Lite

BAS approached us as they were looking for a modular exhibition stand that was easy to transport and simple to set up. The required portable display stand needed to have the functionality to be able to swap over panels at ease, allowing them to display different messages for different events. They also wanted to be able to hang a LED screen from the exhibition stand.

BAS went with our Versaform lite system as it ticked all the boxes they required for an exhibition stand. This unique exhibition display stand showed BAS that not only would they be able to build the stand with no tools, it would fit into the boot of a car.

The first outing it was required for was New Scientist Live. This is an event that takes placed at Excel and is billed as a "festival of discovery" the show attracts some big names in the world of technology and science. The show contains 4 mesmerising zones that cover everything from the brain and body, to the earth and cosmos.

We always like to hear from our clients after the shows and we were very gratefully to receive the below feedback.

"Our first exhibition with the new material went really well and everyone was delighted with the stand so many thanks again. We had to adapt the layout slightly as both sides were open on the booth but it worked out better than before and the Versaform setup proved its versatility" Jamie Oliver BAS


Friday 14 October 2016

The Restaurant Show 2016

Now in it's 29th year this renowned, unique trade event is designed to provide ideas and networking opportunities to those owning, operating and working in restaurants, hotels, catering companies, cafes and leisure establishments across the UK.

Over 450 exhibitors were in attendance showing everything from food and drink through to EPOS and furniture. We had 2 clients this year using our Versaform Flex system.


Bookatable provides real-time reservation services for 13,000 restaurants across 12 countries. Diners can also make bookings via Bookatable’s consumer-facing websites.
The flexibility of this modular display stand, gives the client great scope to be able to use it at a variety of exhibition space and trade show events.


Givex proven platform is providing the tools that drive customer engagement and accelerate operational efficiency for our clients, while generating the valuable and actionable data that is crucial to maintain a competitive advantage in today's fast moving economy.
This is Givex second outing with their portable exhibition stand and the second exhibition space the system has adapted to.
If you have a busy event schedule and you would like to know how Versaform Flex could help, then please contact us on 01702 662111.

Friday 2 September 2016

Roof Gardens Summer Showcase

We were recently invited by our client The Roof Gardens to their summer showcase. This an all day event where The Roof Gardens throw open their doors and invite hundreds of event managers from all over the country to view their wonderful venue in the heart of Kensington.

The Roof Gardens is a unique space in the heart of London and when your sat in the gardens you truly don’t feel that your either in London or on a rooftop. It’s a great venue to relax in and get away from the hustle and bustle of London life.

The general public can visit the gardens for free which are split up into 3 areas, The Spanish Garden, The English garden and the English Woodland. The gardens are also home for a number of wildlife including a family of pink flamingos..!!

This fabulous venue can be booked for partys, weddings, meetings/conferences or product lunches. The amazing Babylon restaurant is a great way to dine, with incredible views across the London skyline.

If you are looking to book a unique London venue to wow your guests or colleagues, then The Roof Gardens would not fail to impress. For bookings call 0207 368 3993 or Babylon@roofgardens.virgin.com

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Winners find a way..!!

This blog is a tale of how a never say die attitude is the only attitude to have in the exhibition game. We have a saying at Guardian “winners find a way” and this was never truer when we were recently faced with a severe lack of travel options when we had to be in Jersey.

When arriving at the airport our intrepid Gdisplay stand fitters were greeted with a smile at check in and told the flight to Jersey was cancelled, “Oh OK, what are our options” they retorted, “The next flight leaves on Saturday” Now this was not very helpful at all.  Our Jersey event started on Saturday at 10am and leaving the client without a stand was not an option.

The airline ring around began and it would appear that everyman and his dog was flying to Jersey on the same day as everything was full, Try a boat I hear you cry, Well there is only one boat that leaves for Jersey each day at 10am from Portsmouth and takes around 9 hours..!!

 More furious tapping was done into the internet to try and find anything. A Friday night flight was found, now this wasn’t ideal as it meant our plucky stand fitters would have to work through the night, and barring anything going wrong they would have the stand finished at roughly 9:30am. Now this was a solution, admittedly not the perfect solution as it was running things close, but a solution it was. This flight was booked as a back up, but the search carried on.

A flight to Dublin was found leaving tonight, with a transfer to Jersey late Friday morning, the thought of a Dublin stopover and a few pints of the black stuff, (purely medicinal to help sleeping), was more appealing than having to work through the night, however, should the transfer be cancelled, our lads would be further away than when they started..!!

How about Guernsey? Anything going to Guernsey tonight...??

And there was, a single flight leaving Gatwick in about 4 hours with space available, it was booked. The missing piece of the puzzle was then booked in a 20 min early morning flight going from Guernsey to Jersey. This combination got our soon to be well traveled lads on stand at exactly the same time as they would’ve originally.

The stand build all went to plan, with the flights coming back being a lot more straight forward.

If you are looking to attend an exhibition in the near future and you want to partner with a company you can trust and rely on, then contact us on 01702 662111 or visit our website www.gdisplay.co.uk