Friday 29 August 2014

Tomy Chuggington Playzone Campaign


Thinking outside of the box has become a necessity for all businesses hoping to stand a chance in a competitive market. When it comes down to it, sales is simply finding the best solution to a problem, but to be a successful business, you need to find solutions to a range of problems for an infinite amount of individual needs. The best answers are usually the simplest, but finding these answers often involves creative thinking and versatile materials. So when Tomy asked Guardian Display if we could produce a transportable, multi-purpose event stand that could be toured across the country, the answer was of course, yes.

We took the time to discuss the client’s needs and fully understand their campaign and branding before advising them on potential options. It was after these key consultations that we provided them with a visual rendering of their brief. The client wanted to promote their Chuggington brand by building a small play area in shopping centres which would then be toured across the country.

Using our range of adaptable exhibition and display materials, our dedicated design studio produced a visualisation that involved our MediaFabric and Versaform Build displays as well as Foamex cut-outs and bespoke barriers. The versatility of our display systems allowed us to create a custom-looking stand that was transportable, tool-free, self-assembly and reusable. This means that the client was able to take full ownership of every aspect of the stand, so they can use it and become self-sufficient at a variety of different locations without having to pay expensive rates for bespoke builds and the huge installation fees that accompany them.

We created the graphic backdrop using a 5x3 MediaFabric display, which incorporates a collapsible framework that can be set-up in seconds, and a premium quality fabric panel that attaches via Velcro. The archway was made using our Versaform Build modular system which required 360 degree graphic coverage, and a Foamex cut-out for the “Chuggington” logo. Finally, we provided cafĂ© barriers with a hanging graphic to complete an enclosed area that didn’t block the visitor’s viewpoint, which gave the stand an important combination of a colourful and open space that also provided safety and security.