Tuesday 12 February 2013

BNC Global Event Show

We are very pleased to say we are attending this year’s BNC Global event show at The Brewery. On February 20th & 21st the cream of top UK and international suppliers and buyers will be brought together for a 2 day event of high brow networking.

The idea of the BNC show is to bring together the BNC members and buyers who purchase corporate event services. Some of the invited buyers who are attending the BNC event are leading companies in fields of insurance, banking, accountancy, telecoms and financial.

The show puts on full hospitality for everyone invited to attend the event, the show makes a big point that there is no admission for the general public or students.!!

We have forged a great partnership with the BNC since becoming members earlier this year. We were pleased to help with various  branded materials for the show, along with helping many of the exhibitors with stands for their spaces.

We will be on stand 101 and we look forward to a fast and furious 2 days of networking and contact making.

For further information on this fantastic event go to -

The BNC Global Event show

Monday 11 February 2013

We help launch the new Sahara Force India F1 car

We were asked by our client The Sahara Force India F1 team, to help put a splash of colour into a very grey, drab conference room at the brand new wing at the Silverstone race track.

Force India were using the room to hold a media conference launching their new VJM06 race car. The team wanted to brighten up the room by producing giant prints carrying images of the Force India car. We were presented with task of coming up with a solution that was both quick to erect, seamless, re-useable and cost effective.

Upon surveying the room we deduced that the bi-folding doors used to separate the room  would be a perfect place to hang some large scale Fabric prints. Silverstone have recently spent millions of pounds developing a fantastic new media and conference centre and the bi-folding doors in question were extremely expensive bespoke Italian made room dividers, whatever we used to hang the fabrics could not in any way damage the huge grey doors.

After weeks of sourcing and testing various adhesives we came up with a solution that would stick to the surface of the doors and then come down without leaving any residue or marks. Our fitting team went along the afternoon before the launch to hang the giant 3.5 x 3m prints and to everyone relief the prints stuck perfectly to the surface and after the event the client was able to remove the fabrics with little fuss and no damage whatsoever to the Italian crafted doors.

We wish the Sahara Force India the best of luck for the forthcoming season and we thank them for their kind testimonial below –

"Many thanks to all the Guardian Display team for your help, the event was a great success and the fabric banners were a superb feature to the room!"