Friday 25 August 2017

Boost your eco-credentials (along with your business) – choose a Versaform stand!

If you’re a regular follower of our blog (and why wouldn’t you be?), then you’ll probably already be familiar with the wonders of Versaform.  But just in case you’re not, let us make a quick introduction!

In short, Versaform is a UK-manufactured, modular display system that can be easily used by just about any business, whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or you’re attending your very first trade event.  

What makes Versaform particularly special is its versatility – something you may have guessed from its name!  The true chameleon of the exhibiting world, what’s even better is that you decide everything: from the shape of your stand to its interchangeable graphics and range of bespoke accessories.  The end result is a stylish stand that’s completely on-message with your company and branding. 

Versaform’s modular system also ensures plenty of flexibility, meaning you can test out multiple stand options from show to show, if the mood should take you.

As if all this wasn’t enough, you can exhibit your company safe in the knowledge that your green credentials will be fully in tact.  Versaform isn’t only a fantastic display system; every effort is also made to ensure it’s great for the environment.  

Here’s how.

Your entire stand is reusable

Versaform stands can be used again and again, making them ideal for companies that have developed a healthy taste for exhibiting! 

Complete with a lifetime hardware guarantee, Versaform represents fantastic value for money, as well as ensuring you’ll never need to waste any part of your painstakingly-designed stand by throwing it away.

(If you’re just dipping your toe into the exhibition waters, don’t worry!  We’re happy to offer Versaform stand rental options so you won’t miss out on any of the benefits – simply (click here) to find out more).

Versatility is the name of the game

If you’re easily bored, or you simply want to try out a few different stand options, no problem.  Changing stand graphics from show to show is ridiculously easy with Versaform, while your stand itself can be effortlessly reconfigured to fit the majority of exhibition spaces: large or small, walls or no walls.

How about a few add-ons, too?  With an extensive range of accessories that include everything from shelving, counters, tables, literature holders and media screens, you can customise and prime your stand to attract just the event visitors your company is looking for!

Oh – and just in case you were wondering, all Versaform lighting options are low-voltage LEDs.

Versaform is easily transported

Choosing a Versaform stand means saving on gas-guzzling transportation.  Why?  Well, since the lightweight system packs handily down into small, wheeled cases it will fit perfectly into the boot of your own car, or the luggage rack in a train carriage if preferred!

You won’t need to drag a toolbox around with you, as your stand can be quickly and easily set up without the need for spanners or screwdrivers – not to mention confusion!  (After all, who said exhibiting your company meant you also had to double up as a handyman?).

As we’re sure you’ve worked out by now, we’re big fans of Versaform systems here at Guardian Exhibition & Display.  If you’d like to learn more, or take a look at some of the flexible, eco-friendly stands we’ve created for our clients at shows all over Europe, all you need to do is (click here).  We also offer 3D visual presentations and on-site demonstrations if you’d like to see the systems in action!

Our friendly team are full of exhibition knowledge and expertise that’s just waiting to be shared, so why not (contact us) and get started on a brand-new creation for your next event?

Friday 18 August 2017

Get a Head Start On The Competition: Plan For Your Next Exhibition!

Booked a space at the perfect trade show?  Fantastic!  Just don’t think you can rest on your laurels until the event begins. 

To make trade events work successfully for your business, you’ll need to plan for each one well in advance.  Here at Guardian Exhibition & Display, we recommend planning at least four months before your event is due to get under way.

Yes, you read that right.  Four months (trust us, it’ll go by in a flash!).   Though this may sound daunting at first, creating an exhibition plan won’t take as much effort as you might think – and will result in everything running smoothly on the day, as you leave your competition straggling far behind!

Looking for even more tips on creating the perfect exhibition plan?  Then look no further, because we’ve got you covered.

Put an event committee together

Get a small team together to help create your plan and work to specific deadlines.  If you don’t want to do it yourself, appoint an exhibition co-ordinator to allocate tasks and take overall responsibility for the plan.

If possible, before confirming your stand booking, check to see if you qualify for an ‘early bird’ discount (many events will offer this – it’s just one of many bonuses that planning in advance brings!).

Check the background to your event

Booked your stand space? Now it’s time to make sure you’re in the best position you can be, and check whom you’ll be meeting on the day.  

You’ll also need to ensure your space is not only large enough, but also incorporates everything you’ll need, such as WiFi, electricity, and prime positioning for those all-important refreshments.

Ask the show organisers for a venue plan and an attendee profile – and don’t be afraid to check the list of other confirmed exhibitors for any competition!

Write out a clear exhibition plan

With your committee, make a detailed list that includes the following:

  • Your budget and show objectives (are you looking for more leads, for example, or to promote a new product?)
  • Time scales for each aspect of your plan
  • How you will promote your attendance at the show
  • Details of your stand and on-brand messaging
  • Who will man your stand on event day (include plenty of cover for breaks!)
  • If necessary, details of pre-event team training
  • Logistics and transportation checking for your stand and your team – will anyone need to stay overnight before or after the event?
  • How you will gather data from interested visitors
  • How you will follow up on leads
  • How you will know if the event has been successful for you

Don’t forget to circulate your plan to everyone who needs to see it!

Set deadlines and accountability

With your plan firmly in place, all you need to do now is make sure you follow it.  Ask your co-ordinator to allocate tasks and assign accountability for each one (not forgetting to chase them up if needed!).

Consider requesting extra help along the way

Ask the show organisers what they’ll be doing to promote the event – how can they help you in the process?  If possible, you could also contact some of the event’s previous exhibitors for any tips.  What could you learn about what went well or badly for them?

And finally…don’t forget to ask us for extra help, too!  After all, what our professional team don’t know about exhibitions isn’t worth knowing.  We’re passionate about helping clients exhibit for success, and we’re always happy to talk – so why not start a conversation?

Friday 11 August 2017

Why You Should Hire a Custom Exhibition Stand This Autumn

Those precious few seconds of British summer sun have been and gone, and as your colleagues and clients start to return from their holidays, it’s time to get back to business!

If you’re planning to take advantage of one of the best and most reliable methods of boosting your business – exhibiting at a trade show – this Autumn and beyond, it can be difficult to know quite where to begin. 

After all, there are so many intimidating-seeming stand options and exhibition advice available, that it can be tempting to abandon the idea altogether and just stick with the promotional methods you know (endless cold calling, anyone?)

But that would be a mistake, when here at Guardian Exhibition & Display, we offer a complete one-stop shop for all your exhibiting needs! 

Our custom exhibition stand hire package turns exhibiting your company into one of the easiest marketing decisions you’ll ever make.  To get started, all our professional team need to know is your ideal stand size, when your planned show is taking place, and where it is – then we’ll get on with the rest. 

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Just in case you need any more convincing, here are a few more fantastic reasons to hire a custom exhibition stand from us:

Dip your toe into the water with ease

If you just want to exhibit a few times to see if it’s right for you, hiring a custom stand is not only more affordable than a permanent option – providing excellent value for money – it also frees you of commitment.  Not to mention freeing you of the need (and expense) to store and protect an expensive stand.

Change your image whenever you like

If you want to try a different look for each show you attend, no problem!  Along with your stand framework, graphics can be replaced and accessories can be hired that include everything from flooring, media, counters and furniture. 

You can road-test as many options as you like, or stick with your favourite…the choice is completely yours.

Take advantage of our expertise

When it comes to exhibiting, we know what works, and we can help you get a head start on your competition… a handy weapon for larger shows! 

We help take the stress out of exhibiting, by professionally building your stand anywhere in the UK or Europe (we’re pretty well-travelled, and we know most event venues like the backs of our hands).  When the show is finished, we’ll carefully break your stand back down for you, too.

Not only that, our fantastic creative team will bespoke-design a stand and graphics that work perfectly with your company’s brand, unique approach, and the audience you most want to attract.

Exhibiting is starting to look much easier now, isn’t it? 

Here at Guardian Exhibition & Display, that’s exactly what we love to do – make exhibiting effortlessly easy.   We take all the stress out of what shouldn’t be a stressful experience at all, but enjoyable…promoting your business to a bustling and engaged audience that’s full of potential clients.

So prime your team, perfect that sales pitch, and leave the logistics and behind-the-scenes work to us, as you get ready to work your exhibition magic this Autumn and beyond!

Are you curious to see what compelling brand displays we could create together?  If so, it couldn’t be easier to get started!  Simply contact our friendly team for a no-obligation chat.

Friday 4 August 2017

Dressing for Success Part Two – over to you!

We’ve just realised something here at Guardian Exhibition & Display.  We’ve been so busy telling you all about how to style your event venue, and how to dress your stand for success…that we’ve completely neglected you and your team!

After all, if you’ve been following our advice up to this point, your stand will be primed for admiration.  So shouldn’t your team also look the part?

We don’t claim to be cutting-edge fashion victims (something you’ll see for yourself if you decide to pay us a visit!) – but we do claim to know what works when it comes to styling your business for success at trade shows.

So this week we’re going to complete the “dressing for success” story with some advice on what makes the perfect exhibition and conference attire.  Feel free to think of us as your dedicated event style gurus!

How do you usually dress for work?

We ask because what you wear in the office may not be appropriate when chatting to potential customers at an event – particularly if your stand team aren’t normally customer-facing.

Events are all about attracting business, so begin by thinking about how your ideal customers dress (if you’re not sure, find out). 

Is there a ‘look’ that’s common for your industry? For example, if you’re exhibiting at a sporting event, it might be perfectly acceptable to wear a tracksuit! 

Consider a uniform approach

We know, school uniforms were boring and you couldn’t wait to get out of them.  But for a lot of event visitors, there’s something reassuring about talking to a well-dressed person in company uniform. 

Not only does a uniform give a polished edge, it shows you’ve put some thought into how you’d like your business to be represented.

So if you’re considering a uniform approach, get your team involved!  Explain your approach, ask for style suggestions – and then make sure comfort is the name of the game.  If you can, ‘test drive’ your uniforms before the show…after all, you’ll be spending most of the day wearing them.

(Tip: we find extra insoles for your shoes are particularly handy to help avoid stand-weary feet!)

Brand your team

We’re not talking red-hot pokers here, so don’t worry!  But branded apparel, such as company-labelled T-shirts for your stand team, can achieve the same reassuring and professional effect as a full uniform. 

Not only that, your team will be advertising your business even when they’re not manning your stand.  A visible company logo can be a great conversation-starter in the refreshments area, or as you’re walking around checking out the competition.

There’s just one caveat: be subtle!  Head-to-toe branding can come across as a bit…well, tasteless.

Don’t forget hygiene

It’s an obvious one, so much that we apologise for mentioning it…but would you want to chat to someone if they had bad breath?

Try to avoid eating smelly foods if you’re coming into contact with potential customers, and make sure you bring deodorant and mints to keep fresh. 

(Tip: a tube of hand sanitiser can come in ‘handy’ too – particularly if you’re shaking hands with people all day!)

If all else fails…

If you’re unsure what approach to take with your event attire, be professional above all else.  This will most likely mean a smart suit for men, and formal business dress for women. 

Keep shoes shined and heels low – oh, and don’t forget to smile!

Whether you’re dressing your venue, your stand or yourselves, our friendly team can provide the perfect advice.  You’ll also find us ready with plenty of information about how to boost your business at trade events, so why not get in touch for a chat?