Friday 1 May 2015

Versaform Lite - A game changer for the exhibition industry!

It is not often that you come across an exhibition display that offers so much, but requires so little. The definition of a good investment is getting out more than what you put in, and the brand new Versaform Lite exhibition system is the perfect example. 

The Versaform Lite has been developed to provide our clients with a lightweight and cost-effective modular exhibition stand that still maintains the Versaform philosophy by providing flexibility and tool-free self-assembly. This exciting new product is ready to take the exhibition world by storm as the ultimate solution in semi-flexible display systems.

Using its patented FASTclamp system, the Versaform Lite connects together individual frame modules (that can also be used separately instead of roller banners) with flexible link graphics to create a seamless graphic backdrop that is guaranteed to work within any shell scheme space. The lightweight nature of the system means it can be lifted, flexed and reshaped with incredible ease, which means that you can have a different shape every time. The system will even snake around corners and can be pushed right up against the walls of your shell scheme to save you valuable space.

A five-module system will pack down into just one transportable carry-tube, which can then be fitted with a graphic wrap to create a cylindrical counter, so you don’t have to worry about storage either. The disassembled stand will weigh only 15kg and will fit into the boot of even the smallest cars making it extremely easy for just one person to assemble. The Versaform Lite combines the portability of a roller banner, the large-format backdrop of a pop-up stand and the reusability of a modular stand to become the ultimate solution for self-build exhibition displays.

You can even add extras like integrated TV screens and LED lighting to really make your display stand out. Even though the stand is extremely cost-effective it is still clad with our premium quality graphic panels, so that you will still get the fantastic quality of print that sets us apart from our competitors. The Lite really has to be seen to be believed, so we are currently offering free, no obligation demonstrations of the system so that you can see the supreme quality of our graphics and the world-class functionality of the framework.

Want to find out more? For a free, no obligation quotation and on-site demonstration of this fantastic new product, please contact us at or give us a call on 01702 662111.