Friday 13 October 2017

When size really does matter: making the most of a large exhibition space

So you’ve bitten the bullet and booked a larger-than-usual spot at the perfect trade event. 
At first, you had some vague plans to wow prospective clients with brilliant branding, on-target messaging, and maybe even a coffee machine and a few chairs.  But now you’re counting down the days to the show, and you’re feeling intimidated by all that space, unsure about how to maximise it to its full potential.
Does any of this sound familiar?  If so, take heart that in our experience, bigger can definitely be better – and with a little help from our team, you’ll be dominating that floor space in ways visitors just won’t be able to resist!

Start with height

A large space combined with height = domination extraordinaire!  Choose a tall stand, so that eyes are drawn to your brand right from the get-go.

Continue with colour and clarity

You probably don’t need us to tell you that bright colours will help create presence and help you stand out.  But the thing is, they do – and in a larger space they’ll make even more of an impact. 
However, don’t get so carried away with colour that you forget to be clear!  Your branding needs to be at the forefront here, so make sure it’s big, bold and easily visible from a distance.   If you’re using screens (something we definitely recommend!) then make sure they’re a minimum of 55”, so they don’t get lost in a sea of colour and branding.
You should be aiming for all eyes to be immediately drawn to your display, and that devastating combination of size, height, colour and clarity is the perfect start.

Add a touch of comfort and convenience

If you’ve got space, you’ll have the luxury of being able to add plenty of seating.  Choose a mix of formal and informal, so that whatever the conversation, there will always be somewhere appropriate for people to sit.
If you can, consider including a shielded meeting area for private chats (or if you want a quick gossip about the other exhibitors!)

Make the absolute most of your space

Where smaller exhibitors might struggle to squeeze in pieces of kit on their stand that end up causing obstructions, on a larger stand space is your best friend. 
So eliminate any barriers that may stop visitors from approaching you.  Don’t be scared to leave some areas clear of anything at all, allowing people to move freely around the stand and create a buzz that others will want to be part of, too!

Brief your stand team well

A large, visitor-attracting stand needs plenty of staff.  Make sure you’ve got enough proactive people on the day, and allocate dedicated jobs beforehand, i.e. someone to meet and greet, another making tea, and another to act as the fountain of all product and company knowledge.
Incorporate plenty of time for rest breaks so your team aren’t tired, have plenty of time to polish up their smiles, and can perform at their absolute best when chatting to potential clients.

And finally, the practical bit

You knew it was coming! 
Don’t think having extra space means you can stack your stand with all that extra literature and giveaway items you’ve ordered, “just in case”.  Instead, make sure you include a dedicated storage area so that these items can be hidden, yet still accessible.
Consider raised platforms to allow any cabling to run underneath your space and help define it.  Carpeting in different colours will also help section out different areas on your stand.
Still feeling unsure about how to maximise that space?  We didn’t think so! 

You’ll be pleased to know that our friendly team are always on hand to answer plenty of other event-related questions, too.  When it comes to exhibitions, there’s isn’t much we don’t know – so why not test our knowledge by getting in touch (here).