Friday 19 February 2016

Get Dressed to Impress with Guardian this Spring

Get Dressed to Impress with Guardian this Spring

Don’t turn up to this year's events with last season's display, let Guardian give your stand a makeover that will WOW your customers and turn the heads of your competitors.

Need a showstopper?

Let us design and build your stand and take away all that pre-show stress, giving you the time to focus on telling everyone you're going to be there and those all-important little details.

And when it's all over let us pack it away and store it for you, where it will be carefully looked after, ready for your next show.
Come and see your stand in all its glory at our showroom prior to the big event, we can even build it on the day so you don’t have to.

Just a makeover please?
Add some new printed drops, or features to your existing stand to freshen up this season.

Accessorise Accesorise Accessorise
Freshen up that look with some additional accessories.