Monday 13 January 2014

Standing out from the Competition - New Versaform Flex feet

Here at Guardian Display, we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our displays. Whether the change is big or little, every detail is important in making sure that an exhibition stand is the best it can possibly be.

A recent addition to our Versaform Flex system has given the most flexible exhibition stand on the market another excellent feature. The stylish new feet for our Versaform Flex system are slimmer and more dynamic than before, allowing for a much nicer looking finish that reflects the flexibility of the display.

The new curved feet add an extra bit of class to the stand, which is far away from the unsightly bases that can be found on other displays. Also the development of the new half feet, allows the users the get the system closer to exhibition shell scheme walls, meaning more space on stand.

We’ve already shown that flexibility doesn’t mean instability, and now we’ve shown that you don’t have to sacrifice balance for style.

Friday 10 January 2014

Pershing Flex Their Muscles

In 2012, Pershing made their first investment into our Versaform Flex display system. As a globally renowned financial giant, Pershing know all about making their money stretch as far as possible whilst still demanding the highest standard. They invested into the system, which included complete project management, installation and storage. Although the initial expense was costly, the savings they have made through not having the need for any other stands have been immense.

Recently, Pershing updated their graphics for their European Client Conference whilst reusing the hardware, TV screen, tables and lighting that were included in their initial spend. This simple re-skin saved them a huge amount of money on hardware, and they will continue to save money every time they use the display. The interchangeable graphics and 180 degree flexibility of the structure allows Pershing to be as versatile as possible with their branding and campaign messages, without having to purchase a new exhibition stand every time.

Their latest “Discover 2013” campaign provided us once again with an excellent opportunity to showcase our premium graphics panels. The artwork provided to us by Pershing was vivid, detailed and rich in colour. It was a shame to see it leave the Pre Build Zone, but it looked much more at home in the award winning One Great George Street venue in Westminster, London.

Investing into the system has not only given Pershing a quality exhibition stand and conference display; it has given them peace of mind. They know they can always rely on Guardian Display to provide them with excellent customer service, quick turnaround times and safe, speedy delivery and installation. This conference was a big success, and we look forward to seeing what Pershing have in store for their future shows.