Tuesday 1 July 2014

Open Energi - Their Floor to Ceiling Solution

There are some companies that just know how to exhibit. They understand how to spread their budget and make sure they have a system that will work hard for them no matter where they decide to go. Whether they make last minute bookings or plan a year ahead, their stand is a constant that means planning early or last minute is not an issue.
                Open Energi only invested into the Versaform Flex in March of this year, but they have already used their system at four shows across the country- and it has been a perfect fit for every single one.  The system’s modular flexibility and durability allows it to be taken to numerous shows, regardless of space restrictions and performs as well in its smaller configurations as it does in its largest.
                The client opted for a midi-height Versaform flex, and at 2250mm, is the perfect solution if you are attending numerous shows throughout the year. This height is guaranteed to fit within a shell scheme space, as well tight spaces and smaller conferences that are not hosted in a large exhibition hall. Open Energi found this out at the Green Corporate Energy event in 30 Euston Square, when their Flex squeezed between the wall and ceiling with just millimetres to spare. The display gives them so many options, that it means they don’t have to buy new stands for new spaces every time they go to a new show in a new space.
                The system is future proofing Open Energi’s for all of their shows, as they still have six more events to attend in 2014 alone. The Versaform Flex has already proven its flexibility in length and width, and now it has shown just how handy it can be with its perfected height as well. A pop-up display or an alternative flexi system would have either come up too short, or been far too tall, but the Versaform Flex was right on point.
                Open Energi’s investment is already paying off, spending under £2,000 per show so far, and because they own the system, that “per show” spend will keep decreasing, and could end up becoming under £1,000 per show by the end of the year. That also includes a professional installation at all of the shows, which is not compulsory. This is yet more proof of how the Versaform Flex can save you time, money and hassle whilst still providing you with a high-quality seamless graphic wall that can be manipulated to fit into any space, at any venue across the country.
                If you would like more information about how we can provide you with the same service, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or on 01702 662111.