Tuesday 29 October 2013

Don't keep your idea's on the shelf; put your products on them!


Innovation is a word that is always buzzing around the Guardian Display office. It is a subject that is constant as more and more clients are moving towards customisation and bespoke designs for their exhibitions. Royston Labels are yet another example of this. Armed with our Versaform Flex modular system, our clients at Royston decided that they needed some shelving equipment to display some of their products.

Pretty standard stuff, right? Wrong. We supplied Royston with shelving compartments, one on each end of their stand to display their products. We equipped these shelving units with LED accent lighting to highlight their products.

Royston Labels’ Versaform Flex is one of the greatest examples of how a client has used their stand to its maximum potential, combining a high-quality, reusable graphic display with lighting and shelving to show off their products.

A nice little addition was the graphic design behind the curved shelving. The graphic shined so brightly that it looked like a holographic projection, and this complimented the display perfectly. From a distance, they could even be mistaken for large light boxes, and we can supply this for all of our shelving units.
What better way do display your products than with an immediate eye-catching display that can be caught from just the corner of a client’s eye?

We were very proud of how the stand turned out, and we now have yet another example of how flexible and versatile our Versaform Flex system can be.

To find out how you can use shelving and lighting on your exhibition displays, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@gdisplay.co.uk or call us on 01702 662111.