Tuesday 12 December 2017

Give your event display a professional edge: hire a promotions team!

We’re always telling you how important it is to invest in professional display material at trade events.  That’s because we understand all too well how hard it can be to stand out and make the right first impression in an endless sea of exhibitors. 

Hopefully, you’ve been taking our advice and your eye-catching displays are now the talk of every event you attend!  Now there’s just one more question…are your team up to the job of promoting your company in the same engaging way as your wonderful stand?

We hate to ask.  After all, no doubt your own team are professionally trained promotions people who engage openly with everyone they meet, generating lead after lead like the proverbial hot cakes.

If by any chance they’re not, you could do a lot worse than hiring dedicated promotional staff at your next event.

Our case for calling in the professionals

Exhibition visitors will judge your business by the quality of your stand, but also by the quality of your staff (we know, it’s a harsh world out there). 

The way your staff interact with visitors is paramount: their approach has to reflect the vibrance and personality of your brand completely.  If your own in-house team have other essential jobs that involve keeping actual business operations running smoothly, it can be hard for them not to be distracted on event day.

However, the decision to hire in professional promotions staff can still be a difficult one.  How do you know what kind of people you should hire to best represent your company?  What attributes should you be looking for, and what skills should they have?

Take a look at our handy checklist, and never be let down by your stand staff again!

Check if they’re approachable

We know; it’s an obvious one.  Yet we’ve seen many companies make the mistake of relying on attractive promotional staff to draw in visitors, forgetting to check whether or not they can interact well with people and make them feel comfortable.  So do check.  Meet your potential staff before the event, and note your own first impressions. 

Familiarise them with your brand – and your plans

Promotional staff are professionals, but you’ll still have to tell them about your brand in order for them to properly integrate with it.   Ensure they understand exactly what your company does, and how to answer the most common questions you’re asked about it.

Make sure you explain exactly what you’re looking for from your new staff, and that they’re committed to working with you.

Plan a clear lead generation strategy

Don’t thrust a clipboard at your brand-new promotional staff and expect them to just get on with it!  Plan your ideal approach, and make sure your staff know what details they should collect when they engage with visitors. 

Studies show that companies who plan their lead generation strategies gain better data and build stronger client relationships after the event, so this is a task that is well worth doing regardless of who your event team are.

Make sure they have the right skill set for your event needs

In the world of professional promotions, one size doesn’t fit all!  What is the objective of your attendance at the show?  If you’re informing visitors about a new product or service, you’ll need your staff to present well.  If you’re looking to collect contact details, they will need excellent lead generation skills.  Oh – and if you’re exhibiting abroad, multilingual skills are a must.

If you get the process and preparation right, hiring professional stand staff could be what turns a vaguely interested prospect walking past your stand into an actual client.  Better still, you won’t have to worry about staff sickness or office politics hampering the day!

Now you’ve got the right staff, let’s get back to that display stand.  Is it representing your brand at its best?  Whatever the event-related question, our team will have the answer, so why not get in touch?

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