Friday, 4 August 2017

Dressing for Success Part Two – over to you!

We’ve just realised something here at Guardian Exhibition & Display.  We’ve been so busy telling you all about how to style your event venue, and how to dress your stand for success…that we’ve completely neglected you and your team!

After all, if you’ve been following our advice up to this point, your stand will be primed for admiration.  So shouldn’t your team also look the part?

We don’t claim to be cutting-edge fashion victims (something you’ll see for yourself if you decide to pay us a visit!) – but we do claim to know what works when it comes to styling your business for success at trade shows.

So this week we’re going to complete the “dressing for success” story with some advice on what makes the perfect exhibition and conference attire.  Feel free to think of us as your dedicated event style gurus!

How do you usually dress for work?

We ask because what you wear in the office may not be appropriate when chatting to potential customers at an event – particularly if your stand team aren’t normally customer-facing.

Events are all about attracting business, so begin by thinking about how your ideal customers dress (if you’re not sure, find out). 

Is there a ‘look’ that’s common for your industry? For example, if you’re exhibiting at a sporting event, it might be perfectly acceptable to wear a tracksuit! 

Consider a uniform approach

We know, school uniforms were boring and you couldn’t wait to get out of them.  But for a lot of event visitors, there’s something reassuring about talking to a well-dressed person in company uniform. 

Not only does a uniform give a polished edge, it shows you’ve put some thought into how you’d like your business to be represented.

So if you’re considering a uniform approach, get your team involved!  Explain your approach, ask for style suggestions – and then make sure comfort is the name of the game.  If you can, ‘test drive’ your uniforms before the show…after all, you’ll be spending most of the day wearing them.

(Tip: we find extra insoles for your shoes are particularly handy to help avoid stand-weary feet!)

Brand your team

We’re not talking red-hot pokers here, so don’t worry!  But branded apparel, such as company-labelled T-shirts for your stand team, can achieve the same reassuring and professional effect as a full uniform. 

Not only that, your team will be advertising your business even when they’re not manning your stand.  A visible company logo can be a great conversation-starter in the refreshments area, or as you’re walking around checking out the competition.

There’s just one caveat: be subtle!  Head-to-toe branding can come across as a bit…well, tasteless.

Don’t forget hygiene

It’s an obvious one, so much that we apologise for mentioning it…but would you want to chat to someone if they had bad breath?

Try to avoid eating smelly foods if you’re coming into contact with potential customers, and make sure you bring deodorant and mints to keep fresh. 

(Tip: a tube of hand sanitiser can come in ‘handy’ too – particularly if you’re shaking hands with people all day!)

If all else fails…

If you’re unsure what approach to take with your event attire, be professional above all else.  This will most likely mean a smart suit for men, and formal business dress for women. 

Keep shoes shined and heels low – oh, and don’t forget to smile!

Whether you’re dressing your venue, your stand or yourselves, our friendly team can provide the perfect advice.  You’ll also find us ready with plenty of information about how to boost your business at trade events, so why not get in touch for a chat?

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