Thursday, 27 July 2017

How to Buy an Exhibition Stand: Five Essential Tips

Most investment advice carries a high element of risk.  Yes, you can make plenty of money, but you can also lose it pretty quickly if you’re not careful.

Luckily, when it comes to event stand investment, the outlook is far brighter!

Exhibiting is one of the most reliably proven business-boosting methods around, meaning all you have to do is follow our five essential stand purchasing tips – which we’ve based on many years of practical experience – then get ready to enjoy all that wonderful return on your hard-earned investment.

1. Understand your space 

First up: make sure you know where you’ll be exhibiting!  This doesn’t simply apply to the event, or even the venue, but your actual exhibition space.

Your space will determine the type of stand that will work best for you, as each will have different features.  If you’ve booked a shell scheme, for example (a modular system that can be built to just about any size), you will need walls, while island spaces will have exposure from all angles – so your branding will have to be seen from all angles!

2. Think flexible future-proofing

Think practically about how many times per year you’ll exhibit your company at trade events (beware: once you start, you may find it becomes addictive!). 

Flexibility may not be too much of an issue if you’re planning to book similar spaces at similar events, but if you’re looking to branch out and experiment then a simple, self-build stand that can be easily customised may be the perfect solution, such as Versaform Flex or Lite.

If you’re booking larger spaces with maximum impact, our team can help take the stress out of setting everything up by installing your chosen stand for you!

3. What will you use the stand for? 

Do you want your stand to be interactive, informative, or simply act as an eye-catching company backdrop? 

If you know how you plan to use your stand, you’ll save money on unnecessary gadgets and add-ons.  After all, if you’re promoting a specific product launch or showcasing a media demonstration, your focus and setup will need to be different from a stand on which you’ll be holding client meetings. 

4. Accessorise!

The fashion industry tell us all the time that accessories are everything – and so it goes for event stands!  So, once you’ve decided how you’d like to use your stand, it’s time to browse the rails. 

For example, comfy seating and a coffee bar will probably be at the top of your ‘must-have’ list if you’re arranging on-stand meetings, while shelving and a stock room for literature will be key for promotional displays.

5. Customise your stand

The X Factor is awash with singers who “made that song their own.”  Now it’s time to do the same with your stand!

We’ve stressed the importance of working with your event space, but it’s just as important that your stand tells visitors – quickly, cleanly and at first glance – about your company.  Ideally, it will also offer something different to your competitors.

So don’t forget to incorporate your company’s unique branding and colours, with original themes that work well alongside your product or service.  

Now that you have the perfect stand, all that’s left to do is put it firmly to work at your next event…and watch all those enquiries come flooding in!

If you found our stand investment tips helpful, why not get in touch with our professional team?  You’ll find us friendly and approachable, not to mention full of expertise and practical advice on how to make exhibiting your business work for you. 

What are you waiting for?  

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