Monday, 19 June 2017

Grow your business with a portable display stand!

If you’re an entrepreneur or in charge of a start-up, then you’ll know a great business idea is only the beginning.  To get your venture properly off the ground and primed for growth, you need attention. 

Specifically, you need attention from your target audience.  Potential clients and collaborators, investors, suppliers…the list is endless, and it’s enough to make even the most determined business magnate nervous.

After all, who has the time to sit around cold-calling people all day, trying in vain to explain exactly what your fantastic new business is all about?

Luckily, trade events are far and away the best and most efficient method to promote your venture to your intended audience – all under the one roof!  Event visitors are primed to talk to new and exciting companies, and if you’re an industry innovator armed with a particularly good idea, you’ll have an unmissable opportunity to talk about it with the people who matter.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ll know that having a presence at the occasional trade event isn’t enough, particularly when the business world is so fiercely competitive.  Top of your marketing list should be a targeted event strategy, to make sure your brand is properly showcased in all the right places.

However, ensuring your company stands out at these events can be costly, particularly when you’re just starting out with an as-yet-unknown brand.  If you’re in this situation, don’t despair – a portable display stand could be the answer to your prayers!   Here’s how:

Portable stands are cheaper than custom…

…which isn’t just easier on your budget.  They’re also a safer bet if you want to test the market before you commit to anything more permanent.

They’re easy to set up

Our professional team will happily and easily install your stand at any event, but in some cases nothing beats the convenience of being able to simply get on with it yourself!  A further benefit of portable display stands is that they’re so simple to construct, you won’t need an expensive crew of people to help you out.

They’re built to last

Look after your portable display stand, and your portable display stand will look after you!  Most portable stands will last your company at least a year, which is a great amount of time for you to check what works and what doesn’t at a number of different events.

Portable display stands are…easily portable!

Designed to be easily transported, most will fit into the boot of your car (whilst still leaving enough room for that rarely used gym kit!).  They’re lightweight, too, meaning they can be carried or wheeled into the exhibition venue by one person.

Versatility is key

Portable display stands can often be shaped and re-shaped for a range of stand options, so you can be a display chameleon and note what styles attract the most attention.  You’ll also have the option of changing your graphics quickly and easily.

You’ll get a great ROI

When it comes to investment return trade events are highly effective in themselves, but with a portable display stand you’ll can expect an even better return on that hard-earned outlay, as you start finding your feet with exhibiting your company. 

With no set-up costs, an easily transportable stand you can set up and take down yourself at a variety of different events will get you and your business perfectly positioned in front of an audience that matters. 

Just give it a try, and watch all that new business come flooding in!

Here at Guardian Exhibition & Display, our years of professional experience helping companies showcase themselves successfully at events means we know exactly what works.  Whether you’re just starting out with exhibiting your company, or you’ve been around for years and feel it’s time for a change, get in touch with our friendly team and see how we can help you shine! 

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