Friday, 23 June 2017

Big Ideas: How to Make the Most of a Small Exhibition Space

 We’ve all heard the oft-quoted “size matters” in relation to any number of things, but with exhibition space it’s particularly important.

It’s easy to believe that larger equals better when it comes to standing out in all those grandly imposing event halls, but you might be surprised to learn that with some exhibitions, good things really do come in smaller packages! 

After all, a compact, well-designed stand staffed by friendly and knowledgeable people will attract many more visitors than an untidy-looking stand that’s staffed by people who believe their spacious event space will do all the work for them (hint: it won’t).

So if you’re fretting about space size this summer, sit back and let our friendly team reassure you with some handy hints about how to really make the most of what you’ve got!

Attend the right events

Whether large or small, your space won’t make an impact if you’re showcasing your company at an event that isn’t really suited to it.  Planning is key here: research visitor demographics and ensure you’re likely to rub shoulders with people who can help move your business forward.

Be different and memorable

Large event spaces can be unimaginative, as companies rely on size alone as the key visitor attraction point.  If you’re occupying a smaller space, being clever and creative with your brand design will pay off.  Oh – and don’t forget to ensure your branding is clear and visible from a distance.

Select your spot wisely

If you can, make sure you’re somewhere visitors can easily see you, no matter how large or small your stand space!  Even the largest exhibition space will be lost if it’s tucked under the stairs, or out of the way of general footfall.  Try to make use of height, too – if you can’t move outwards, move upwards instead!

Make effective use of lighting

When used well, lighting has the potential to dazzle your visitors and completely outshine the competition, packing an unusual punch and adding a friendly and approachable aspect to your stand.  Remember: light tends to make smaller things appear larger, too!

Keep your stand un-cluttered

The trend for minimalism comes into play here.  If your stand space is small, everything you have on it will count.  Don’t include too much equipment on your stand, and perhaps find alternative storage space for excess literature, for example…

Keep staff numbers low

…and make sure there aren’t too many staff members milling around!  Too many people won’t just make your small stand space seem even more cluttered, but visitors may feel intimidated to approach a large group of staff.

Maximise staff proactivity

Of course, with fewer people you’re going to need the ones who do staff your stand to be at the top of their game.  Ensure everybody is equipped with a friendly smile for starters, and that they’re ready and willing to approach visitors as they walk by.

Don’t create barriers

People won’t come and talk to you if it’s going to take too much effort for them to try.  We’ve already mentioned staff proactivity, but make sure there’s a clear route for visitors to come and find out more about you, without having to dodge piles of leaflets and manoeuvre themselves around tables.

Offer visitors a compelling incentive to come and see you at your small stand!

We’ve blogged about gamification before: adding a well-placed piece of tech that visitors can play with often brings highly effective results.  If your budget won’t stretch that far, a goodie bag packed with useful items, or a competition that features a coveted prize, will also do the trick.  We’ve seen free coffee and cake go down very well, too!

Whether your event space is large or small, our professional, friendly and experienced team here at Guardian Exhibition & Display can help you make the most of it.  Simply get in contact to see just what we can achieve together.

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