Monday, 3 April 2017

Why Guardian Exhibition and Display is Your Only Choice for Your Next Event!

Regular readers will notice that we’ve been waxing lyrical about the business-boosting benefits of trade events and exhibitions.  We’ve also been enjoying passing on some of our hard-won experience about how you can turn trade events into pure sales gold with an eye-catching stand.

Whether you’re exhibiting at your first event or you’re an old hand, it can be hard to know if you’ve really thought of everything.  You might decide you need some help, so you Google ‘exhibition stand design’ only to discover an eye-watering number of companies to sift through, all of them claiming to offer service that’s second to none. 

We believe that here at Guardian Exhibition & Display, our experience, dedication, flair for design and all-seeing know-how sets us apart, making us the only choice for your next event…and just in case you need a little more convincing, we’ve come up with a few more reasons for you!

Visit our showroom – or let us come to you

Our professional showroom is a true love letter to a well-designed, attention-grabbing stand, with our team of friendly staff and examples of our work on hand that show how we can take your display material to the next level.  But we understand that people are busy, so if you’d rather stay put then we’re just as happy to come to your office with a dazzling demonstration.

We’re a one-stop design shop

With us, there’s no need to appoint a separate design team who may not understand how their amazing creations will translate to your display.  Our in-house designers will not only work with your exact creative needs, but they’ll know precisely how to display them to their best commercial effect, with free artwork proofing and in-house printing before you commit.

Free 3D visuals and stand planning

Worried about committing to a costly stand you’ve so far only imagined?  See your ideas and our designs come to life with free 3D visuals, following stand planning sessions with our expert team that ensure you’ll have the slickest display at your next event.


Free concierge service and secure stand storage

We’ve always been keen on the idea of a personal concierge service (hasn’t everyone?)…so this is exactly what we provide for our clients!  We don’t charge a penny to transport your display material to and from your event, and we even have a secure storage facility where your stand can be safely protected…

Reusable stands with a lifetime guarantee

…until the next time you decide to use it!  We’re extremely confident about the quality of every eco-friendly stand we create, which is why we’re proud to guarantee them.  This leaves you free to bring your creative dreams to life, safe in the knowledge that they’ll also last for life.

Pre-building and professional installation

We’ve all been there – coming home with a great new find from IKEA, only to find it takes far longer to put together than we first thought!

Never fear, our team will save you from installation complication as we’ll not only pre-build the stand before it leaves us, but we’ll also professionally install it at the event itself.

Fast turnaround of work

You’d think, wouldn’t you, that all our crazy professionalism might mean we’d need extra time to get your stand just right.  But you’d be wrong.  We’re just as slick with our service as we are with the displays themselves…we’ll tell you our turnaround time when you ask for a quote, and we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


It’s not hard to get started on letting us take the stress out of exhibitions for you, so you can get on with the business of promoting your business!  All you need to do is contact us (here) and we’ll get to work on creating the sales-converting display of your dreams.

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