Friday, 7 April 2017

Simple, Cost-effective Marketing Tips Especially for SMEs

As you’ve probably guessed, we’re all about exhibition and display here at Guardian Exhibition & Display!  But that doesn’t mean we don’t also know a thing or two about the marketing world in general. 

We work with a diverse range of companies every day, helping to promote them at the largest and most prestigious trade events – so we’re confident we know the best ways to attract new business.  Better still, we know how to save money in the process.

As April begins and spring really gets under way, if you’re ready to freshen up your marketing plans then why not take heed of our cost-effective tips and prepare for some late spring business blooming?

Reach out to your local or industry press 

Are you doing anything of local interest?  Holding a bake-off for a good cause, or launching a new product or service that will benefit the local community?  Local media is always on the hunt for something new to shout about, so why not let them know what you’re up to every now and then?

Utilise social media 

Short of streaking through your local High Street trailing a banner behind you, you can’t get much better than social media for targeted business promotion!  Remember that your customer base will have different social media preferences, so be just as active on Instagram as Twitter, and encourage your followers to share and retweet your updates as much as possible.

Start a blog 

…such as this one!  A blog is a fantastic way for you to speak directly to potential customers, informing them about what you do whilst showing them the friendlier side of your business.  Be consistent, as posting regularly means your blog will be more easily found on search engines.

Get networking

It’s not hard to find business events in your local area, and whether you prefer a formal ‘sit down’ meeting over breakfast or a more freestyle session, there will be something for you.  Take plenty of business cards and prepare to get chatting.

Enter industry awards 

Trade press and your local Chamber of Commerce will detail awards for your industry, offering benefits that go way beyond winning (though we’re sure that would be nice too!)  Awards are great PR opportunities that boost your profile, give you something to talk about on social media and improve your credibility.

Develop a customer referral programme

Customer referral programmes result in valuable leads.  Targeting your referral group for relevance, offering incentives and thanking people who refer customers will generate a greater return on your marketing investment than cold calling ever will, as well as making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Employ email marketing 

Reach potential customers somewhere they go each and every day without fail…their inboxes!  Boasting the broadest customer reach (you can target anyone, anywhere in the world as long as they have an email address) and the greatest return on investment for the smallest outlay, an email marketing list should be a no-brainer for any business looking to increase sales.

Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials and reviews 

Business is increasingly review-driven – you only need to think about the popularity of TripAdvisor or Trust Pilot for confirmation of this! People will often be happy to leave a review or a testimonial if asked, and you could offer an incentive, such as an exclusive discount code, to help them along.

Link your company on free business directories

Free business listing sites will increase your online presence and help improve your search engine ranking.  Google, LinkedIn and Yelp are good places to start with.

Well, we hope our tips have helped you devise a full-on, cost-effective spring growth campaign that will see you well into summer and beyond!  To discuss any of our insights further, or for specialist exhibition-related advice, please get in touch (here).

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