Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why Exhibitions Should be Part of Your Marketing Plans for 2017

Can you believe we’re already in February?  January seemed to whizz by in a grey day-filled haze, with most of the team here at Guardian Display promising to stick to healthy resolutions such as Dry January, or getting gym-fit (though we’re not seeing much evidence of that now the determined ‘new year, new me’ feeling has passed us all by – cakes are firmly back on the office menu!)

We’re sure you’ve made some healthy resolutions for your business too, such as developing your marketing plans and looking for ever better ways to increase the return on your hard-earned investment. So this week we want to talk about what we believe is the very best way for you to do just that…by making an exhibition of yourself!

Face-to-face contact – with people who matter

So why should you be including exhibitions in your marketing plan?  Let’s start with the fact that you’ll be meeting lots of people face-to-face – people with a specific interest in what you do, and who have travelled to an exhibition with the direct intention of finding out more – could you find a more captive and positive audience than that, we wonder?

With 87% of company directors agreeing that it’s far easier (and friendlier!) to communicate with people in person than it is on the telephone, you’ll be able to ditch that cold-calling list with confidence as you spend time with all those potential clients in person, chatting with them over coffee about their specific needs and how your business can help address them.

Let a well-designed stand do the work for you

Of course, with all your smooth, natural charisma on display there’s bound to be floods of people clamouring to talk to you immediately…which is where a customised exhibition stand will work wonders! 

A well-designed stand makes an immediately positive impact, catching people’s eyes and informing them all about your business even if they haven’t got time to stop and chat right then.  In a fast-moving business world where generating sales leads is king, an eye-catching stand that does a whole lot of the work for you is something you can’t afford not to include at your next exhibition.

More people are buying at trade events than ever before

It’s not just our opinion, this one – the Association of Exhibition Organisers have backed us up, with survey results confirming that 91% of buyers go to trade events to buy goods and services.  In fact, 29% of buyers only buy at trade events…so you need to ask yourself, can your company afford to miss out on such a huge slice of potential new business?

When you think about it, it’s easy to see why buyers favour exhibitions so much.  They can easily find out all they need to know under one roof, in the space of just a few hours and some easy conversation. 

Often, of course, buyers will attend an exhibition just to browse or make enquiries…and this is where your stand can play another huge part in the deal-making process, by attracting people who didn’t even know they needed your specific goods or services until they arrived at the exhibition and you were able to make their dreams come true!

So now we’ve convinced you of all the benefits exhibitions promise to bring to your business, our next mission is to tell you all about how we at Guardian Display can help you on your way, by providing you with custom-built, reusable display solutions that will create a stir at your next event…for all the right reasons.

We’ve got many years of experience, a long list of very happy clients, we’re a friendly team and our reputation for service and quality is second to none – so why not contact us and see what we can do for you

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