Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How to Deliver a Memorable Experience at your next Exhibition

Exhibitions are about engagement and connecting with people. For most people it’s a great way to do business, you will always get those who are just there to get out the office and try and collect as many freebies as possible, but for a large percentage they attend because they have a particular need that needs to be fulfilled.

Exhibitions can be an overwhelming place with hundreds of stands and thousands of people, which is why it’s important that after the aisles have been walked and stand’s visited, it’s your stand that sticks in people's mind.

Maya Angelou the poet and author once said “people will forget the things you say, they will forget the things you do, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. This is never truer as in relation to exhibitions.  Being attractive to the eye is key, the use of large images and bright colours are a must. The use of technology on stands is now becoming very important when in engaging with visitors, using large-scale screens to run movies or showreels is a good way to communicate your message, humans are naturally drawn towards moving images.

The use of games is a fun way to interact with people, along with a way to retain people on the stand and create a real buzz at the show. These interactive games, in turn, will then make your stand stick in people’s minds when they are back at the office wading through mountains of bags and brochures.

Utilising items like tablet’s and tablet holders can be a simple way for people to fill out surveys and capture people’s data. Getting your message across to people in an easy, quick and concise way is key to etching your company into people’s memory.

Making sure that staff manning the stand are smart, attentive and friendly is of utmost importance, they are representatives of your brand and its key for them to build a connection.

Most of all exhibitions should be fun! If you portray a real human side to your business through your exhibition stand, it’ll be you that people remember.

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