Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Winners find a way..!!

This blog is a tale of how a never say die attitude is the only attitude to have in the exhibition game. We have a saying at Guardian “winners find a way” and this was never truer when we were recently faced with a severe lack of travel options when we had to be in Jersey.

When arriving at the airport our intrepid Gdisplay stand fitters were greeted with a smile at check in and told the flight to Jersey was cancelled, “Oh OK, what are our options” they retorted, “The next flight leaves on Saturday” Now this was not very helpful at all.  Our Jersey event started on Saturday at 10am and leaving the client without a stand was not an option.

The airline ring around began and it would appear that everyman and his dog was flying to Jersey on the same day as everything was full, Try a boat I hear you cry, Well there is only one boat that leaves for Jersey each day at 10am from Portsmouth and takes around 9 hours..!!

 More furious tapping was done into the internet to try and find anything. A Friday night flight was found, now this wasn’t ideal as it meant our plucky stand fitters would have to work through the night, and barring anything going wrong they would have the stand finished at roughly 9:30am. Now this was a solution, admittedly not the perfect solution as it was running things close, but a solution it was. This flight was booked as a back up, but the search carried on.

A flight to Dublin was found leaving tonight, with a transfer to Jersey late Friday morning, the thought of a Dublin stopover and a few pints of the black stuff, (purely medicinal to help sleeping), was more appealing than having to work through the night, however, should the transfer be cancelled, our lads would be further away than when they started..!!

How about Guernsey? Anything going to Guernsey tonight...??

And there was, a single flight leaving Gatwick in about 4 hours with space available, it was booked. The missing piece of the puzzle was then booked in a 20 min early morning flight going from Guernsey to Jersey. This combination got our soon to be well traveled lads on stand at exactly the same time as they would’ve originally.

The stand build all went to plan, with the flights coming back being a lot more straight forward.

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