Wednesday, 2 April 2014

JLT's Custom Modular Stand Solution



If anyone knows the definition of a good investment, then it is global insurance giant; JLT. The company turned over close to a billion pounds in 2013, and their successful economic philosophy allows every department to make wise investment decisions. JLT invested into the Versaform Build in 2011, spending £25,000 on framework and graphics, and only another £10,000 in re-installation and storage fees over the course of their 10 shows to date.

£35,000 may sound like a large investment, but let’s put it in perspective. The different reconfigurations of this exhibition stand have been used at 10 shows already, which have included NAPF, EB Connect and EB Live, as well as shows in London and Liverpool. These stand spaces have ranged from 3X2 shell schemes to a 5X4 space only.

That is a max total of £3,500 per show and that includes a reconfigurable and height adjustable custom modular exhibition stand with a gantry, framework, graphics, installation, storage, modular flooring system, a bespoke showcase, a shelving system and an integrated television screen. The average cost of a stand contract for a one-off bespoke build is anywhere up from £10,000, which means JLT have saved up to £65,000 over their ten shows, and will only save more money with the more shows they attend.

The sheer range of shapes and sizes that the Versaform Build is capable of is making bespoke builds obsolete and unnecessary. JLT can adjust their stand’s height from 2.4M to 4M and add in bespoke elements as they please. We can make modifications and adjustments without having to throw everything away and start again. The use of rigging, MDF walls, vinyl print and the labour costs associated with sub-contractors add up to an enormous amount- whether you are attending one show or one-hundred throughout the year. The risk of wasting money is even greater if something goes wrong during the build as there is no second chance. Our system allows us to pre-build the stand at our facility before installation, which means that any problems are dealt with before the show, meaning there are no nightmare scenarios on the day.

Our Versaform systems are built and designed to give our clients peace of mind, save them money and allow us to create high-quality, professional and impressive exhibition stands. To find out how we can provide you with the same quality service, contact us at or give us a call on 01702 662111.

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