Monday, 8 May 2017

Renting or Buying...Which Display Stand Option is Best for Your Business?

To buy or not to buy?  That is the question…and it’s one we’re regularly asked here at Guardian Exhibition & Display, as businesses of all shapes and sizes consider their event display needs in serious detail. While we’re definitely not financial advisors, we do know a thing or two about investing in business-boosting exhibitions with an informative and memorable display stand.  Seeing as more and more clients have been asking for our advice on this very subject, this week we’ve decided to put our expertise to good use with a few hints.

An opening question to consider…

The first thing we tend to ask clients who are pondering whether to rent or buy their display stand is, how often do you actually plan to exhibit your company at trade events? 

Your answer may immediately determine your own solution to the renting vs. buying conundrum, since if you’re only going to be appearing at one event per year, renting would probably make more sense as you dip your toe into the water and test out the marketplace.

However, we’ve seen that exhibiting your brand can be truly addictive once you’ve seen all those enterprise-enhancing effects in live action!  So if you’ve got a hunch that you’ll be exhibiting more than a few times in total, then it might be worth considering an investment in a permanent stand.

The case for buying your stand

From our years of experience, we recommend that investing in a permanent stand is the best option if you’re definitely going to use it for a minimum of three times.  Not only will you benefit from owning your business display kit outright, you’ll also have complete control over transporting, building and dismantling it yourself (with full training provided by our professional team, should you choose us to help you create your display magic!)

We’re not going to tell you that investing in your stand will be inexpensive, because you get what you pay for and stand-out stand quality doesn’t come cheap.  However, you’ll own something that is pretty much guaranteed to increase sales at trade events – which is the proven best method to promote your brand and your business to a large audience.  In our opinion, this isn’t a bad return on your investment, and buying your stand also has the potential to actually save you money in the long-term. 

Reasons for renting

If you’re only going to be exhibiting on an occasional basis, or you plan on having something spectacular for one really big event, then we recommend renting as the best stand option for your business.

As with most services, flexibility is the key word when you rent, with the possibility of exhibiting with a totally different stand at every exhibition you attend.  You can even change the concept and design to fit each event and target group you choose (though we’d also recommend not being too different at each event – after all, one of the key factors of exhibiting is consistency, which better enables visitors to remember you!)

Renting your stand also gives you the relative freedom of not having to transport, build and dismantle the stand yourself, as all of this will be professionally taken care of for you.  Of course, this can turn out to be a costly exercise if you’re planning on renting a stand every time you exhibit – which brings us full-circle to the question we asked right back at the beginning of this piece, about how often you plan to attend trade events.   

If you’re still struggling to decide between renting and buying, go back to that question, consider your options from there…

…and remember that our friendly and professional team are always on hand to advise.  So if you’re dithering over your display needs, simply contact us (here) and let us help take the burden away!

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