Friday, 17 March 2017

10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Exhibition Stand Space

We’re a bunch of curious types here at Guardian Exhibition & Display.  We know questions are the only way to get the right information from people who won’t always know your exact requirements, and when you’re considering costly stand space at a trade event, questions are especially vital.

Being almost as kind as we’re curious, we naturally want you to get the very best return on your event investment, so we’ve been thinking long and hard about exactly what you should ask an organiser before handing over any of your hard-earned marketing budget. 


1. What type of traffic will I get?

Just who will be coming through the doors on exhibition day?  Check any past event demographics, and ensure the type of people being marketed to are actually likely to buy from you.  Otherwise you might end up having the very worst kind of day – a wasted one.


2. How much will it cost?

An obvious question maybe, but if you’re good at sales (and if you’re exhibiting you definitely should be!) there could well be room for negotiation.  Check for any hidden extras, such as cleaning services and electricity.

3. Are there other opportunities?

Some events offer slick sponsorship packages that include additional marketing, logo placement and social media promotion.  Some don’t, so think creatively and you could end up getting far more for your money.  Are there any extra speaking opportunities or workshops you could run, for example?


4. Where will I be in the hall?

We’re getting good at spotting first-time exhibitors – because they’re the ones tucked away behind the staircase, or in the dead area right at the end of the hall.  Check your location, and don’t be afraid to request somewhere better if needed. 
It’s also a good idea to check who’ll be exhibiting next to you, and where any competitors are likely to be.

5. What makes your event stand out from the rest?

Trade shows are extremely effective, which means there are lots of them around.  Google events for your industry, and you’ll likely find a whole host to choose from…so you need to know exactly why the one you choose is going to be worth your time and effort.

6. Does your event have a history?

Is this a brand-new event?  If so, then with no previous pedigree or guaranteed following it’ll be harder for you to promote your attendance.  If it is a brand-new event, check that the organisers have the right backing, experience and marketing know-how.

7. Do you offer WIFI?

We’re forever extolling the benefits of interactive video and lead generation apps for your exhibition stands, because they work.  So make sure you’ll have access – or make sure you’ve got other, equally enthralling, plans if not.

8. How will you help me succeed?

A good organiser will want you to succeed, because it means they’ll succeed.  For starters, they should be focused on marketing at every opportunity, so at the very least make sure they’ll be regularly promoting your attendance at their event.

9. Am I free to choose my suppliers?

Be prepared. Do you have to rent your stand kit direct from the organiser?  Are there preferred suppliers (often priced higher than those you’d choose yourself) for any extras? 

10. How efficient is your support team?

Experienced event organisers really know their stuff – and there’s a lot of stuff to know!  The best support teams will have event checklists and exhibitor manuals that will explain everything to the last detail, so you’ll feel in safe hands throughout. 

Hopefully, we’ve furnished you with some insights that will ensure your event runs like clockwork.  And as we’ve said – we love questions, so if you’ve got any for us we’d love to answer them!  Simply get in touch (here).

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