Wednesday, 29 July 2015

IET Venues make an impact at this years Meeting Show

Client: The IET
Venue: Olympia
Event: The Meetings Show
Solution: Versaform Build

The IET and Guardian Display have a long history of working together to produce fantastic exhibition stands. The latest incarnation we produced was launched at Square Meal 2014, which featured a fantastic CGI fly-through video of IET’s newly refurbished building, showcased on a 75” recessed screen. The reusability of our VersaformBuild system meant that, when the client asked us to produce the stand for The Meetings Show 2015, it was a hassle-free and cost-effective arrangement.

The bones of the stand and graphics remained largely the same, only with a few minor shape changes and adaptations from its original 7x2 configuration to a 6.5 x 3 set-up. The adaptability of the system allowed us to use the majority of last years’ stand, without the client having to buy a whole new system for this year. 

Although some of these changes were aesthetic, some were born out of necessity. A large pillar intruded on the space, which required us to snake the framework around it. Due to the ultra-easy connectivity and custom modular components of the system, we were able do this with ease and efficiency. Our ability to pre-build our stands before exhibitions also allowed us to be extra-prepared for the situation, without relying on guesswork or estimations.

The stand was complemented with the IET’s classic AstroTurf style flooring, London Underground carpet, branded iPad stand and Flux chair with a free-standing literature holder and a transparent partition to create a private, but welcoming meeting room area.

This incarnation of the IET’s stand was another shining example of how the Versaform Build system can be used in multiple environments with its unique structure and flexibility. Using the system and allowing us to handle its project management has saved our clients almost as many hours as pounds, allowing them vital time to focus on their sales and marketing. 

If your looking for a custom modular stand solution that could save you £££, then please visit our website or call us on 01702 662111 

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