Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Custom Modular is the new Custom Build

Doesn't Have to Mean Mundane

            I have said the words “custom modular” to many clients, and a lot of the time they react as if I’d said a dirty word. When people think of a custom modular display set-up, they think of ugly framework, squared off edges and boring shapes. This may have been true in the past, however times are changing, and these changes have brought innovation to the custom modular stand.
            Gone are the days of custom modular meaning clunky, heavy and wasteful metal structures in which the framework is shamelessly exposed. Now, you can have a custom modular system in a range of shapes and sizes that feature bespoke elements and reflect your creativity, instead of restricting it.
          The days of blocks, cubes and sharp edges are gone. Today is about curves, spheres and flexibility. If you are at a point with your company where you can afford to purchase a bespoke modular system, then you should also be at a point where you know exactly how to show off your company in the correct way. Your company needs to look modern, professional and a class above the rest in order to attract your clients, and a custom modular stand is now the perfect way to showcase that.
        In a previous blog, we discussed how to successfully dress an exhibition space using a shell scheme. This blog will focus on how to successfully design and produce a stand for a space only plot. LED lighted floors, integrated television systems, shelving, storage, fake grass, flowerbeds, 3D acrylics and pretty much any creative idea you can think of is now possible, thanks to the advances of the custom modular exhibition system. 

Standard Aluminium Custom Modular Stand 
Versaform Build Custom Modular Stand

         Why limit yourself and your company? Ask questions, draw sketches, develop in your head how you want your exhibition stand to look and you can accomplish it. The best part is that you can use it all over again. Every graphic and every piece of framework is kept, stored and ready to be reused.

You do not have to pay companies and contractors to use MDF wood, Vinyl print and rigging that will only be pulled apart and thrown away. You do not have to pay two thirds of the original stand cost to have it reinstalled, and you certainly do not have to pay £20,000 for a purpose build in order to have a custom look.

Custom modular stands are evolving. You can now create shapes that you never thought possible, using high-quality graphics, re-useable, and re-configurable framework as well as being able to adjust height and shape. Integrate elements you feel need to be an integral part of your stand, create the stand that would attract you if you were a client. Why pay £20,000+ on every exhibition, when you can spend the same on a system that will give you a new, custom look for every exhibition?

Custom modular is no longer ugly and boring. It is now modern, re-configurable, and environmentally friendly.

What’s your design?

Let us know what your ideas are for your next space only event, and we will help you produce a solution. Give us a call on 01702 662111 or email us at info@gdisplay.co.uk for more information on how we can create a custom build system without the future repeat costs.

             -Thank you for reading.


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